ReportOUT Granted U.K Alliance for Global Equality Membership

ReportOUT are happy to announce that we are now a member of the U.K Alliance for Global Equality – a coalition of UK based civil society organisations working together to promote and support progress in global LGBT rights.

By working together with other organisations who are part of the coalition, the U.K Alliance for Global Equality will use collective resources and influence to promote the human rights and equality of LGBT individuals and communities outside the UK, to end persecution and discrimination.

Sharing the same values and vision of the Alliance, entry is reliant on a vote-based system by other members which includes the likes of Stonewall, Kaleidoscope International Trust, African Rainbow Family and the Human Dignity Trust.

For ReportOUT this is also an opportunity to share their insights on to the latest developments of some of the hostile nations around the globe where the attitudes of ruling governments and sometimes their opposition are causing the safety of SOGIESC (LGBTQ+) lives to come under threat.

Furthermore by being part of the U.K Alliance for Global Equality, this will also allow ReportOUT to share the valuable work of their human rights researchers, which include country profiles of nations such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

As we continue to evolve as one of the few SOGIESC Human Rights organisations in the North East, we look forward to be part of the Alliance as we stand in solidarity with our fellow members and provide an active contribution to their important role within the international community.

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