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Our Finances

At ReportOUT, we prioritise financial transparency and accountability. Every donation we receive is maximised to its fullest potential because we are entirely volunteer-led, utilising technology efficiently, and operating with minimal overhead costs.


Our global campaigns are driven solely by our dedicated volunteers, supported by online platforms and basic equipment under the guidance of our trustees. For further information on our finances, please refer to the details below. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

How we are set up: ‌

ReportOUT is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with The Charity Commission for England and Wales, registered under the number 1185887. We adhere to a not-for-profit model and our organisation is managed by a team of voluntary Trustees who oversee the charity's finances and governance. Additionally, we are registered with the United Kingdom Fundraising Regulator, ensuring that we comply with all relevant policies and procedures for legitimate fundraising practices.

Our income:


Individual Donors

Our income:


Grant Funding

Our income:


Other Trading Activities

How we are funded:

Supporter donations
ReportOUT relies on the generous contributions of individual supporters to carry out our impactful and meaningful work. To this end, we conduct multiple fundraising campaigns throughout the year, aiming to support volunteer research, social action, and cover our campaigning and organisational costs. In our most recent financial year, 21% of our income was derived from individual donors, 53% from grants, and 26% from other trading activities. Our objective is to achieve financial sustainability through the support of our donors, ensuring accountability to the community we serve.

Trusts and Foundations
ReportOUT has received generous support from the following foundations:

  • The National Lottery Community Fund 

  • Lush 


ReportOUT also seeks support from corporations whose activities align with our mission. However, any corporate donations undergo a meticulous process of ethical internal due diligence and analysis to ensure alignment with our values. We maintain a principled stance against accepting donations from companies whose conduct contradicts ReportOUT's commitment to upholding the rights of sexual and gender minorities and human rights in general, as well as our environmental goals. This rigorous approach ensures that our partnerships with corporations are in harmony with our organisational principles and objectives.

ReportOUT Funding Graph.png


Of all donations goes straight to our work


Goes toward supporting our operations

Image by Hugo Herrera

How we use our money:

In the fiscal year of 2023, an impressive 91.8% of the funds donated to ReportOUT were allocated directly to support our research and campaigning efforts.


The remaining 8.2% was dedicated to fulfilling crucial organisational needs essential for our continued operation. These funds were allocated towards maintaining and enhancing our website, securing the services of qualified accountants, obtaining insurance coverage, managing communication systems including telephony, and bolstering our infrastructure.

These investments are paramount in ensuring the smooth functioning and sustainability of ReportOUT, enabling us to effectively carry out our mission and serve sexual and gender minorities, worldwide.

Audited financial statements:

While ReportOUT is a global organisation, we are currently incorporated in England, United Kingdom. As a CIO under English law, ReportOUT must conduct an annual independent production of our accounts and an audit of our finances. We also produce an Annual Report of our activities every year, which incorporates our finances. You can read them here.

Our commitment to our supporters:

When you contribute to ReportOUT, you play a vital role in advancing, informing, and safeguarding global LGBT+ human rights. Your donation fuels critical research efforts, empowering us to advocate for policy changes and hold decision-makers accountable for their treatment of sexual and gender minorities. Moreover, your support provides essential assistance to our volunteers who operate in some of the most challenging environments for queer people worldwide, offering life-changing, and life-saving aid.


By donating to ReportOUT, you enable us to fulfil our mission of researching, monitoring, and documenting the experiences of sexual and gender minorities across all nations. We leverage this research to drive campaigns for social transformation and educate the public about human rights violations globally. Recognising the necessity of collaboration within international development and human rights frameworks, we align with Agenda 2030's principle of leaving no one behind.

Your contribution directly contributes to creating a more inclusive and just world for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Together, we can strive towards a future where every person's rights are respected and upheld. You are supporting our aims of promoting human rights throughout the world for sexual and gender minorities.


In exchange for this support, we make the following commitments to you:

  1. We will spend your money with care and a great sense of responsibility. We are a team of incredibly hard working and passionate volunteers. We take on research assignments in the toughest of areas globally. We can do this because we are smart in our use of online technologies, keeping overheads to an absolute minimum, and dedicating your generously donated funds to our frontline work.

  2. We will let you know what’s going on. We will update you on how your money has achieved positive impact and, if you reach out to us with a question or comment, we will always reply quickly.

  3. We will refund your donation if you ask us to. No questions, no reasons needed. We will just send it back.

  4. We will never stop innovating to do our job even better. We do not rest on previous successes. We are always looking for positive innovation in how we work (and we love hearing ideas on this from our donors).

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