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Pride Afrique: A Pan-African Virtual Pride Event

Each day we are continually seeing a real increase in the awareness of SOGIESC (LGBTQ+) rights and lived experiences around the globe, which is such a powerful and important step in the right direction in demonstrating that the international community is showing positive solidarity to the treatment of SOGIESC communities in continents such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

While the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has affected the opportunity to unite in person, due to the power of technology in this ever-evolving digital era, there are other creative ways for those important voices to be heard. With that in mind therefore, ReportOUT welcomed the news that in August a pan-African Virtual Event by the name of Pride Afrique was held.

Taking place between 14th-16th August 2020, Pride Afrique was a 3 day event which consisted of a virtual line up of stories that build bridges between the statistical fact of queer existence in Africa and the lives, dreams, careers, hopes, doubts, fears and joys that ground it.

With this being such a special event to explore and address the lives of Queer Africans, academic and researcher Emmanuel Munyarukumbuzi from the publication theBuzz spoke to Mr Kehinde Bademosi, Project Lead for Pride Afrique to find out more.

See below to read the full article.

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