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ReportOUT Societies

Do you want to join us on our journey to support the human rights of sexual and gender minorities? Want to set up a ReportOUT society? Read more here about how we can help you to become part of the ReportOUT family. Offering a supportive set-up process and loads of information and training, we can help you to put together a ReportOUT Society to contribute to our mission to protect and campaign for some of the most vulnerable people globally.


Whether you are a college or university, or interested member of the public, please read more below.

What will the ReportOUT society do?

What benefits will I get by setting up a society?

  • Campaign: advocating for change and the human rights of sexual and gender minorities.

  • Learn: our mantra is ‘report. Inform. Defend.’ Unite with others making global change for human rights of sexual and gender minorities during debate nights and guest speaker events.

  • Grow: build transferable skills, create like-minded friendships and have fun during the most exciting social events of the academic year.

  • Be autonomous: as a committee member you can make a valuable contribution to shaping this society and the future of human rights campaigning. How do you want to engage others and report OUT?

  • Fundraise: support ReportOUT continue its work by fundraising for us! What engages your student friends? T-shirt and bake sales? Balls and nights-out? Get creative!

All committee members will receive support and training from ReportOUT, including:

  • an online induction training programme;

  • a society handbook, which includes a 12 month recommended events plan;

  • optional monthly meetings with ReportOUT’s Campaign Officer’s for updates and support;

  • references from Report OUT volunteers for future employment opportunities;

  • access to further training opportunities, including fundraising and campaigning workshops;

  • networking opportunities: by joining the Report OUT family you will naturally connect with our volunteers and trustee’s diverse specialties and backgrounds such as the Third Sector, human rights research, educational training and international development;

  • visibility: an opportunity to be part of a volunteer team where your views are appreciated and valued. We value feedback and so we want to hear from YOU on new areas where you would value support and training.


Setting up a ReportOUT Society!

If you are interested in setting up a ReportOUT Society, email us at and we will get in touch with you to give you more information about your first steps to setting up a ReportOUT society.

We have a University ReportOUT Society at Cambridge! What do they say?

“Hey there! I’m Pádraig, a second year undergraduate historical linguistics student. My pronouns are they/them and I am fabulously genderqueer. I am very grateful to be able to call myself a member of ReportOUT's greater community. As someone coming from a small alpine village, I cherish the ability to share my ideas in a non-judgemental environment with people who are just as motivated to get involved in as many projects as possible. Now being the research officer at Cambridge ReportOUT, I feel like I can finally make a difference by educating fellow students, staff-members and the wider Cambridge community about societal talk-points I am deeply passionate about. I am also grateful to be able to meet more like-minded queer people with whom I can share my experiences. ReportOUT has allowed me to break out of my shell and offered me the opportunity to show compassion towards myself but also to radiate it outwards!”

(Pádraig: Cambridge ReportOUT)

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