Meet Our Volunteers: Jemma

For Volunteers Week 2020, we thought we would introduce you to a few of our volunteers so you can find out more about them and what they do!

"Hello everyone, my name is Jemma and I am a Human Rights Researcher here at ReportOUT. I have been part of the ReportOUT family for just under a year now and come to our office at Pride Media Centre at the weekends to conduct my research.

What attracted me to ReportOUT in particular stems from studying International Human Rights Law. Studying in-depth international legislation (or sometimes lack of) caught my interest, and the many stories of injustices which I learnt about encouraged me to want to use the skills I had to make a difference. I then started to research this area of law in my spare time, which led me to select International Human Rights Legislation as my master’s dissertation topic.

Upon completing my Law degree and hearing through a friend that ReportOUT was starting up and were looking for volunteers, applying for this role was a no brainer. From the outset, I was welcomed into the ReportOUT family with open arms and have been supported throughout my volunteering journey. To have my voice heard and contributed to decisions ReportOUT makes, as a volunteer makes me feel very valued.

Currently, I am volunteering alongside my full-time job, where I am an Outreach Worker for a charity called Ashiana supporting survivors of human trafficking.

When I’m not volunteering or working you can usually find me testing out cafes and restaurants across the North East or at a garden centre (buying more plants that really can’t fit into my already full small garden!).

I am very grateful to be part of such an amazing team, and urge anyone reading this to get involved however you can! Whether it be coming to one of our events to see the faces behind ReportOUT, applying to volunteer or even just following us on social media and spreading the word. Remember small steps always make the biggest changes."

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