Meet Our Volunteers: Anna

For Volunteers Week 2020, we thought we would introduce you to a few of our volunteers so you can find out more about them and what they do!

"I am a recent undergraduate of Anthropology and joined ReportOUT this year to use the research training I have received to the benefit of people experiencing social injustices around the world. I am extremely conscious of the human rights injustices experienced by minority SOGI people around the globe and am dedicated to learning more about these issues.

My short time as a Human Rights Researcher at ReportOUT has so far been an invaluable opportunity to expand my knowledge on the lived experiences of SOGI people around the globe. Meanwhile, the contribution of this research is vital in tackling the human rights violations that occur among these SOGI people. My current role is focussing on conducting a review of the literature of minority SOGI people’s lives in North and Central America. My recent research on the Caribbean islands shows that although laws are gradually beginning to change, there is still a long way to go to transform the culturally ingrained discrimination against minority SOGI people. The more I read about the horrific injustices these SOGI people face every day, the more my passion grows to fight these human rights violations. ReportOUT is approaching this from many angles; I am proud to be contributing to research that can help inform the incredible education programme that is being developed.

The team are incredibly supportive and made me feel immediately welcome – no matter who you are, or where you have come from, if you have the enthusiasm to change SOGI lives, you’ll feel at home here. All insight and work is valued equally, and is supported by an amazing team of trustees. The office itself, in Pride Media Centre, is also a wonderful vibrant, safe space. Unfortunately, I have had to move away from the North East and can now only volunteer remotely – I am devastated that I will no longer be able to experience the office atmosphere. However, it is a testament to ReportOUT that, despite the distance, I have never once thought of leaving. It is an honour to be a part of this organisation and I am excited to observe and continue to contribute to, the outstanding work ReportOUT will go on to accomplish in the coming years."

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